Common Appliance Repair Problems & How To Fix Appliances In Bronx, NY

Home appliances always need to be in good condition to provide the service they were made for. Since these home appliances break down at some point, their repair is always paramount to give you value for your money. Below are common problems you can expect to experience with most home appliances and how to fix them through an appliance service in Bronx, New York,

Refrigerator leaking water

The common reason why water pools under your refrigerator is due to a clogged defrost drain. This happens when debris from food blocks the drain hose. This causes ice to build up which will eventually lead to water drainage out of the refrigerator or freezer.

An appliance repair technician in Bronx, New York, can unclog the drainage pipe with warm water and specialized tools to make it start functioning normally again.

Washing Machine

Your washing machine may not be completing a full cycle and this may be due to several problems from clogged drain hose to malfunctioning washers. Lint, cloth materials, gunk and other materials can clog up drain pipes or pumps.

A faulty washing machine with a blocked pump can be corrected by an appliance repair technician. The drain pipe can be disconnected and unclogged with special pipes in case of blockages. Presence of gunk requires running hot cycles to melt down unwanted grease causing the blockage.

If your top loading agitator is not rotating to complete a washing spin and making loud noises, then a service technician can fix the component for smooth spin cycles that ensure clean laundry.

Dishwasher Leaking Water

A pool of water around your dishwasher machine is an indication of a leakage caused by a faulty float switch. This is a device that controls the amount of water entering the dishwasher and guides you in reading the machine’s water level. A faulty float switch will not indicate any overfilling and therefore water will leak out of the appliance. This may be caused by an object jamming the float switch.

An appliance repair technician will remove any object preventing smooth water flow without damaging your dishwasher.

Cold Dryer

If your clothes are not drying up properly, the problem may be with the dryer’s thermostat. If this device blows up or gets damaged, then the unit will not produce any heat needed to dry your clothes.

A repair serviceman will repair or replace the thermostat to return the heat in the dryer and enable your clothes dry well.

Appliance repair is necessary than buying a new home appliance because the repair cost is only a fraction of a new appliance.